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We Are The People Our Parents Warned Us About

“Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”  —  Benjamin Franklin

As promised, more fun photos from Sharie and Chris’ wedding at The Solarium in Decatur.  This time, it’s epic photo booth fun.  You know, it’s funny what you can get people to do if you give them an adult beverage and a box full of dress up toys.  They could totally see the camera and everything.  🙂

Photo booth wedding fun

Photo booth atlanta

Wedding photo booth

Wedding photo booth decatur 17

Wedding photo booth decatur 2

Photo booth girls having fun

Wedding photo booth decatur 8

Wedding photo booth decatur 10

Photo booth crazy fun

Funny bride in photo booth

Wedding photo booth decatur 3

Wedding photo booth decatur 19

Photo booth fun

Photo booth gramma pimp hat

Looks like the photo booth was a hit with this crowd!  Fun fact—>  Sharie only had one instruction for us regarding the photo booth.  She said all she wanted was a photo of her grandmother wearing a pimp hat.  Mission.  Accomplished.  The feather boa is just icing.

Special thanks to Leslie Morris of Sweet Happy Life Photography for doing an amazing job running the photo booth this weekend.  You rock, Leslie!


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