Sharie and Chris: Decatur Wedding At The Solarium

Bride and groom kiss in sunlight

“When you smiled you had my undivided attention. When you laughed you had my urge to laugh with you. When you cried you had my urge to hold you. When you said you loved me, you had my heart forever.”

It Was A Perfect Wedding

Saturday was the best day ever, because it was the day that Sharie married Chris in a sunlit ceremony under the oak trees at the Solarium in Decatur.

Bride portrait

Black and white bride photo

Decatur wedding solarium 14

I’ve been trying to think of how to describe Sharie and Chris’ wedding to you, but I really don’t know where to start.  Words like hilarious, sweet, adorable, and loving come to mind.  Also talented, creative, and zombie warriors.

Wedding cake reception details

And all those qualities seem to run in the family.  On both sides.  Check out the super awesome wedding cake and groom’s cake.  Sharie’s mom made them.  Because she totally rocks.

Groom wedding portrait

Here’s Chris with Sharie’s brother Jeremy, who is stationed overseas and could not physically attend the wedding.  But the family made sure he was still an important part of the day.  Because they rock.

Decatur wedding solarium 47

Black and white groomsmen jumping

Decatur wedding solarium 62

Bridesmaids having fun photo black and white

If I’m completely honest with you, this was a pretty hard wedding to photograph.  It’s really hard to hold the camera steady when you’re laughing your ass off.

Decatur wedding solarium 54

Decatur wedding solarium 56

Even their wedding vows made everyone giggle a couple of times.  They wrote their own vows and read them to each other.  Their vows were also so honest and sweet that I know everyone there had a lump in their throat and a tear in their eye by the end.  I know I did.

Tree planting ceremony

They even including a tree planting as part of the ceremony.

Decatur wedding solarium 79

There were so many thoughtful touches to their wedding.  This is Sharie’s father’s ring attached to her bouquet in his memory, so that he could still be with her as she walked down the aisle.

Wedding toasts

Decatur wedding solarium 84

Bouquet toss

Decatur wedding solarium 91

Bouquet toss run

Decatur wedding solarium 95

Um.  Best.  Bouquet.  Toss.  Ever.

Decatur wedding solarium 96

Terrance dances.  Don’t ask.  I can’t explain it.

Wedding couple grand exit with streamers

And that, my friends is how you have a wedding.  An epic wedding.  But don’t think that’s all.  Oh no, there’s much more.  Come back and see us tomorrow.  Yes, I’m a tease.  But you know you’re dying to see it, ’cause you can tell that it’s going to be even epic-er.

(Also, I want to mention that the bride and her gorgeous ladies had their hair styled by Cyrus at Vivid Hair Salon.)

Amanda Summerlin

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