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To get the full value of joy, You must have someone to divide it with.  –Mark Twain

Perfect Afternoon Wedding in Clermont, Georgia

Saturday was an awesome day, because it was the day that Jessica and Jayson became wife and man.  You may remember them from their engagement portrait session a couple of months ago in Gainesville.  Now it’s official, and the two of them are off enjoying a well deserved honeymoon.

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Hopefully, as we all enjoy these photos, their friends and family are enjoying a rest as well, because this wedding was truly a community effort.  Every member of both their families contributed something, as well as many family friends and their church groups.  And let me be the first to tell you, they did an amazing job (and you know I’ve been to a couple of weddings this year).

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Bride and groom

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Groom and bride portraits

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The wedding was held on Jayson’s parents’ farm in beautiful Clermont, Georgia.  The day was as perfect as a north Georgia fall day could be, with sparkling blue skies and perfect temps.

Wedding gainesville

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Jessica and Jayson asked for, and received from their guests, an unplugged wedding, after being inspired by a post on Offbeat Bride a few months back.  It was really nice to see the guests watching and enjoying the special ceremony that Jessica and Jayson had prepared to celebrate their union.  And it was definitely one to remember….  It started with a beautiful bride with the sun at her back walking toward a groom with a smile so bright it nearly blinded the sun…

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Put a ring on it

Groom puts ring on bride

Handcuffs for the groom

The ring exchange included a special touch…

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After the ceremony, we quickly grabbed some sunset portraits and then the party was on!

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First dance

There was dancing… aren’t they just the sweetest thing?

Funny wedding bouquet toss

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There was an awesome bouquet toss…  and a little while later….

Wedding exit with silly string

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There was the world’s most awesome grand wedding exit with silly string!!  Jessica and Jayson wisely changed out of their wedding clothes into their work uniforms before leaving.  They’re… wait for it…

Nurse and cop cake topper

a nurse and a police officer.  What’s not to love?

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And, with a kiss and a wave, it was time for them to begin their new life together as man and wife… or is it wife and man… either way, they lived happily ever after.


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