Featured on Munaluchi Bridal: Moriah and Kevin’s New Orleans Wedding

Today I am really excited to tell you the news that I’ve been dying to tell you all week.  Munaluchi Bridal is featuring Moriah and Kevin’s New Orleans wedding!  Now, you’ve probably already seen the photos if you’ve visited here before, but don’t just say Neato! and move on just yet.  Because there’s a lot more to the Munaluchi feature than the photos.  Because Munaluchi did a really in depth interview with Moriah and Kevin and tells the story of how Hurricane Katrina brought them together…   and So. Much. More.  You really just have to read their beautiful story.

And I also want to give enormous thanks to Moriah for not only sharing her story with us, but also for the enormous amount of time it must have taken to do so.  If you guys don’t know, Moriah and Kevin and Kaia just moved to Japan a few weeks ago.  So she somehow managed to complete the interviews while setting up and unpacking her new house in another country.  She’s pretty amazing.  So go read her story already!


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