Check Out All These Amazing People: Free Wedding Photography Giveaway

Nice people kick ass free photography giveaway

All right Internet!  Today is a wonderful day, because you get to meet 20 couples who are absolutely awesome.  The Just For Nice People, Kick Ass, Free Wedding Photography Giveaway is open for voting.  Right.  Now.

I”m not even gonna keep talking, because I know you don’t want to hear it…. you want to meet these amazing couples and get to know them.  So head on over to my website and read what they have to say.  Take a look at their awesome photos.  And then decide which couple inspired you the most and vote for them.

Then come back tomorrow and do it again.  You can vote once a day.  Voting ends in a week, on Friday, March 9, so don’t miss a day!  Tell some friends, get the community involved.  (Seriously, I need you to vote, because there’s no way I could ever choose without your help.  I want them ALL to win.)

Let’s reward someone for being NICE.  (This could even be historic!)

Because nice people deserve some recognition.  And we’re going to give it to them.  Dammit.

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