Things I Wish I Could Figure Out: Thoughts From The Highway

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“It is much more comfortable to be mad and know it, than to be sane and have one’s doubts.” – G. B. Burgin

Ten Things I Wish I Could Figure Out:  And Other Random Thoughts From The Highway

Hello Internet!  So you saw the engagement photos of Joy and Doug from Tryon, NC yesterday, and you know what happens when I spend a couple of hours in the car.  Yes!!  Another random thoughts from Amanda blog post!  With high definition photos of random stuff!  Woot!

So there I was.  Cruising along in the car Saturday morning, jamming to my favorite Nina Simone tunes on the iPod (For the record, her version of Here Comes the Sun kinda trumps the original… sacrilegious, I know.  But true facts is true facts.), and my mind started to wander (hey, look, my mind wandered there too).  And I started thinking about how many times I had to run back in the house that morning before I could finally leave… which led me to ponder all the other great mysteries of the Universe.

photos from road trip to mountains

And in no particular order, here are the things I wish I could figure out…

1.  How to leave the house on the first try.

Doug feet b 4

2.  How to get my dog to clean her feet.

3.  How to make facebook less annoying.

Doug feet b 5

4.  Where I left my iPod Nano.

5.  A way to make convenience store coffee not taste like crap.

Doug feet b 6

6.  Time travel.  Nuff said.

7.  Why all the things that taste the best are bad for you.

Doug feet b 7

8.  Why everything at Taco Bell tastes exactly the same but is still so tasty.

9.  Why some cars pass you and then slow down.

Doug feet b 8

10  Why, when US gas prices are as high as they are, the US is currently exporting more oil than it imports.  ($3.80 a gallon on Saturday!!!)

11.  Where is Waldo anyway?

Doug feet b 9

And that’s it Internet.  Five total hours in the car to ponder life’s mysteries, and that’s what I got.  Impressive, huh?  That’s just how I roll.

Come back in a bit and I’m posting the profiles of all the contestants in the Kick Ass Just For Nice People Wedding Photography Giveaway.  That’s a long way to say, come check out some really cool people and help them win free wedding photography.  You’ll feel good about helping, and they’ll be really happy you did.

See ya soon Internet!

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