Marieke and Morgan: Family Portrait in Maine



“When morning comes to Morgantown
The merchants roll their awnings down
The milk trucks make their morning rounds
In morning, Morgantown
Well rise up early, with the sun
To ride the bus while everyone is yawning
And the day is young
In morning, Morgantown.”

-Joni Mitchell

Hanging Out With Marieke and Morgan at Bailey Island, Or How I Spent my Fourth of July

Today on the blog, we’re traveling back in time.  My second stop on my Great Northeastern Tour was in Lisbon Falls, Maine to visit with my awesome friends Marieke and Morgan.  Marieke is actually a friend of Jessie’s from the long-long ago before times, and has been known to encourage Jessie to have too much liquid fun on occasion.  Which makes her super cool.  And Morgan is just plain super cool.


For their photo session, Marieke decided we should visit Bailey Island on the coast of Maine.  If you’ve ever been anywhere on the coast of Maine, you probably already know that every inch of it is gorgeous… in fact, the entire state of Maine is spectacular.  But this little spot was wicked nice.  The day was slightly overcast, which makes for great portrait light, and the colors of the rocks, and the water, and the sky, and the ….everything… was a dream.  In fact, in these photos, I really think that the third member of the family is the location.



Now, Morgan has a super power.  And I’m pretty sure he won’t mind if I tell you what it is.  Morgan can skip rocks better than anyone I’ve ever seen.  And there’s a lot of rock skipping practice that I’ve witnessed over the years.  But Morgan can consistently and repeatedly send rocks skipping across the water bouncing a dozen times before they sink.  I mean, I’ve seen a few people have one good throw like that in the past.  But Morgan did it over and over again.  That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.


And I’m ending this one with my favorite photo… with a content Marieke in the foreground… and a happy little man poking around in the background doing little man things.  That, my friends, is awesomeness.  I hope you had as nice a Fourth of July as we did.

And I’d like to thank Marieke and Morgan for sharing their home and their food and all that coffee (woo-hoo!) with me.  And for showing me all the gorgeous stuff.  And for taking me fishing.  I’d never seen a small mouth bass before, and I’m really glad I was able to see Morgan catch his first one, and his second one, and his third one.  Yay!

Aw, heck, heres a couple more for the road.


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