Michelle and Michael: Engagement Session in Piedmont Park


Michelle and Michael and Their Sunrise Engagement Session in Piedmont Park

There are only a couple of things I’ll get up early for.  Photography and Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  And I’m only getting up for the coffee if I’m on my way to photograph something awesome.  So, last Saturday, I got some Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and headed downtown to make photos of Michelle and Michael, who just happen to be wicked fun to hang out with, and super hilarious.  You’ll see.


Oh yeah, they’re getting married sometime next summer… I’m trying to remember when….  Look, I’m funny.  Anyhoo, moving on…

Michelle and Michael, it was really fun to get up and hang out with you guys.  You’re funny and you made me laugh the whole time.  I can already tell your wedding is going to be awesome.

Amanda Summerlin



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