Elegant Seattle Wedding At The Hollywood Schoolhouse

“Much love as ever,
for ever,
and thereafter.”  — Marion Dönhoff

Kate and Dan had a beautiful and elegant wedding at the Hollywood Schoolhouse

Today we travel to the gorgeous state of Washington… all the way to Seattle to meet Kate and Dan.  When Kate first contacted me, she wanted to know if it was possible to make pretty photos of a wedding if the wedding was entirely indoors, since a February wedding in Seattle was likely to be… oooh, a bit brisk.  My answer was of course, we can make pretty photos indoors.  Happy people are beautiful wherever they are.  But if the weather is even remotely tolerable, I’m going to drag you outside for at least a couple.  So when the time came to make their newlywed portraits, Kate was prepared with her grandmother’s stunning coat.  And I think the results were worth the ten minutes in the chilly Seattle air.  And that’s not even the best part… check out their wedding!


As you may have noticed, this was a really fun wedding.  I’m so grateful to Kate and Dan for having me be a part of their amazing wedding day.  Everyone was happy and gracious and fun.  Kate and Dan are surrounded by loving people who support them and encourage them to be successful in every way.  There’s no better way to start a life together.


And that, internet buddies, is how you have a winter wedding on the West Coast.  Stay tuned for my next blog post to see how to have a winter wedding on the East Coast.


Kate and Dan’s Wedding Vendors


Hair = The Wedding Belles, http://www.seattleweddingbelles.com/ 
Dress = Alicia’s Bridal, http://aliciasbridal.com/ 
Bridesmaids Dresses = Madame Bridal, http://madamebridal.com/ 
Venue and Caterer = Hollywood Schoolhouse, http://www.hollywoodschoolhouse.com/
Flowers = Pacific Calla Lilies, http://www.pacificcallas.com/ 
Coordinator = Bobbi Roth Weddings, http://www.bobbirothweddings.com/ 


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