Katie and Steven’s Engagement Photos on The Atlanta Beltline

atlanta engagement picture with graffiti on the beltline

This post is incredibly delayed, and not just because of all the traveling necessary to make photos in five states in seven days.  You see, there was this crazy lady who ended up sitting next to me on the plane ride to Chicago (there’s a whole’nother story there…. ask me sometime), and she was coughing a lot and popping Ricola like they were TicTacs.  I cowered against the window for the whole flight and tried to hold my breath, but alas, she got her cooties on me and a few days later, I was sick.  That really feeble and pathetic kind of sick that only the lowly common cold can manifest.  And a few days after that, our whole household was sick.  Frankly, I’m expecting the people in the white suits to pull up out front and start stretching yellow ribbon all around the house any minute now.

However, no mere cootie can keep me down for long.  Especially if I have a giant jug of cough syrup (yum! grape is my favorite).  So today, I want to introduce you to a super awesome couple from Atlanta.  Internet, meet Katie and Steven.  They are engaged to be married next spring.  Katie and Steven live in downtown Atlanta near the Atlanta Beltline, and I am totally jealous of their cool life.  (There, I said it.)  And although I’m jealous of how cool they are, I totally adore them, because they are super fun to hang out with.  We met up early in the morning with the faintest hint of a plan… to just walk around and explore the Beltline and make some cool photos.  And that’s totally what we did.  We walked and discussed the intricacies of pet ownership and laughed and the time just flew by.

So there you have it folks, How to be Totally Awesome, by Katie and Steven.  Also, I learned something today, you guys.  You see, despite the stereotype to the contrary, librarians are seriously cool people.  And one day, when (if) I grow up, I wanna go live next door to these guys.

And finally, thank you Katie and Steven for being so amazing (and patient).  You guys are so much fun to hang out with.  I can’t wait for your wedding next spring!

Amanda Summerlin



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