Kristin and Mark | Elegant Spring Wedding

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“Though the breezes through trees  Move so pretty you’re all I see  As the world keeps spinning ’round  You hold me right here, right now” – from ‘Lucky’ by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat

Today is all about Kristin and Mark.  And how awesome Facebook is.  But first, let’s talk about Kristin and Mark.  You may remember them from their engagement session at McDaniel Farm with their pups Sadie and Ruger a few months back.  Kristin and Mark aren’t people who crave the limelight.  Which is funny, because they are exactly the kind of people you want to tell everyone about.  But they like to keep things under control, so they planned a very beautiful, and very intimate wedding to share with their closest friends and family.  And they did it with elegance and style.  Every detail was perfect.  But the best part of the day was seeing the way Kristin’s eyes sparkled every time she looked at Mark, and the way his eyes softened when he looked at her.  It was a perfect day. And that, my friends, is the story of Kristin and Mark’s perfect wedding day.  So now, let me tell you how awesome Facebook is.  The morning of Kristin and Mark’s wedding, I woke up feeling a little yucky.  I thought it was allergies.  It wasn’t.  The day after their wedding (the next 6 days, actually), I thought I might die.  That crazy lady on the plane to Chicago totally gave me the plague.  For realz.  As I faded in and out of consciousness, my fuzzy brain wondered if I’d passed the cootie along to Kristin or Mark.  Fortunately, I could log on to Facebook and see all the cool photos Kristin was posting from their (incredibly awesome) honeymoon and ease my guilt.  Cyber-stalking people is cool.  Now, if you’d like to cyber-stalk Kristin and Mark a little more, check out this slideshow video to see lots more photos.     So that’s everything, y’all.  I want to thank Kristin and Mark for having me be a part of your beautiful day.  You guys are super cool, and I’ve had a blast working with you (and meeting Sadie and Ruger too).  Not only that, but I had a lot of fun meeting your friends and family and I’m grateful to everyone for being so sweet and fun.  I really hope I didn’t give any of you the cootie.

Amanda Summerlin

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