Erin and James | Fantastic Charleston Wedding

Remember Erin and James?  You met them a few months back when we made their engagement photos in Charleston.  It was pretty clear from the beginning that they were going to have an amazing wedding, but it turns out that I totally underestimated how awesome this wedding was going to be.  You see, two days before their wedding, it was raining.  Hard.  There was a tropical depression working its way up the coast.  Everyone was watching the weather forecast with their fingers crossed.  When the rain finally went away, there was water everywhere.  So.  Much.  Water.  It was really looking like everyone was gonna need waders for wedding day.  But two days of warm Charleston sunshine began to dry up the standing pools of water, and everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief.  However, there was a little mud.  Ok, maybe there was a lot of mud.  But because Erin and James have amazing family and friends, they made the mud FUN.  Check out the dance floor shots in the slideshow video to see.

Also, I need to make a confession.  The entire time I was editing these photos, I kept singing that old old song from that rock band with all the beards…. “Coz’ every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp dressed man….”


And that, my friends is how a dapper man and a saucy lady tie the knot in style in a beautiful Charleston wedding on the salt marsh.  If you’d like to see a few more photos, be sure to play the slideshow.  There’s loooots more photos in the slideshow.

Special thank yous are in order to all of the amazing people I met at Erin and James’ wedding.  I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt, and got tons of hugs from so many wonderful people.  Thank all of you for being so gracious and helpful and fun.  And thank you Erin and James for having us be a part of your amazing day.  Y’all rock.

Erin and James’ Creative Team

Rentals: Ruth’s House Inc. (
Bar: Snyder Event Rentals (
Flowers: Ambrose Family Farm (
Caterer: Melvin’s BBQ (
Desserts: Krispy Kreme and Granny Zuercher’s Bakery
Dress: Bridals by Jodi (
Shoes: Seychelles (

Amanda Summerlin

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