Taryn and Troy | Lake Acworth Engagement Photos

Yesterday we went downtown.  But today we go outside the city limits to a beautiful lake to spend the morning with Taryn and Troy.  They are getting married in October in Sandy Springs in a beautiful historic park.  When we talked about where they should have their engagement session, they decided it would be really fun to go back to the scene of the crime…. this is actually where Troy  proposed to Taryn.  How awesome is that?  

And because I really like you, here’s a funny story that I’ll leave you with for the weekend.  Since I never know what I’ll encounter on a portrait or engagement shoot, I often wear hiking boots, ’cause they’re great off road.  For this session, I wore my brand new-ish Keens, which I promptly and properly broke in by wading around in the edge of the lake to get these shots.  After the shoot was over, I tossed the boots in the back of my Jeep and forgot about it.  Two days later, in Savannah for a wedding, every time I would get in my car, it was like the scene from that movie Grumpy Old Men… “OMG, what is that awful smell?”  We stayed in Savannah for several days after the wedding so Jessie and the kids could get in a little beach-therapy… and the whole time we were there, I couldn’t figure out why my car smelled like fish poop.  Because even though I had my kayak with me, all my kayak gear goes in my roof box…. since lake water smells like fish poop when it gets in the upholstery (FYI).  After a few more days of driving around with the windows down, I found the stinky boots jammed behind some luggage.  Derp!  But the photos came out cool.  🙂

So thanks Taryn and Troy for finally getting me to visit Lake Acworth.  It’s really gorgeous, and I’ll be back with my kayak for sure.  And thanks for picking me to make pretty pictures of your amazing day.  I can’t wait for your wedding day!

(And if y’all will excuse me now, I’m gonna go watch Grumpy Old Men for the 337th time….)





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