Lauren and Alex | The Fox Hill Inn | Brookfield, Connecticut

Today I want you to meet Lauren and Alex.  They were married in a beautiful garden at The Fox Hill Inn, in Brookfield, Connecticut on what was probably the hottest day ever in Connecticut.  True story.  There’s been a heat wave in the northeast, if you haven’t been watching the news.  Y’all know I photograph a lot of weddings in the south, but I’ve never been to a wedding where I felt lightheaded from the heat.  In fact, that day was the first day in my life that I’ve ever felt light headed from the heat, and I’ve lived in Georgia my whole life (so far).  I’m not telling you this because I want to complain or for you to think my job is tough or any of that stuff.  I’m telling you this because it makes Lauren and Alex’s day all the more special, and it helps you appreciate how deep their love is for each other, and for their family and friends.  And how it’s reciprocated.  Because their ceremony was standing room only.  Every chair was filled, and later arriving guests had to stand.  Lauren and Alex were cool and collected for the entire ceremony, well, except for that brief moment during the vows.  Lauren even took a special few moments to look out and take in all the smiling happy faces of the family and friends who had come to be a part of their special day.  And then, after the prayers were said, the hymns were sung, and the vows were spoken, Lauren and Alex became wife and husband.  Be sure to look for the photos of Alex looking at Lauren.  Those are my favorites.


And, if you’d like to see a few more photos of this amazing wedding, be sure to play the video below.  It’s pretty neat.  Also, I’d really like to thank Lauren and Alex for choosing to have me be a part of your beautiful day.  The more I learn about you, the neater I think you are.  And I’m still giggling about our little conversation on the front porch…. who’s the cool one?  You are.  🙂


One final technical (aka… boooring) note.  For this video we’ve switched to Vimeo temporarily until we can hopefully iron out some issues with YouTube for hosting our slideshows.  Please let me know if you have any problems viewing this video.  K?  Thanks!


Lauren and Alex’s Creative Team

Heather Taylor, Etsy vendor (Save the Dates)
Melissa Baldwin, Elf Letter Press, Etsy (Invitations)
Stephanie Miles and Brian Fortin  (hair and makeup)
Irene Woodard, True Blooms (flowers)
Matt & Bengi, Jam Packed Dance Floor DJs
Jennifer Burkhalter & Strings (string quartet)
Hannan Honey (favors)
Laura at the Jewelery Cafe, Southbury (bridesmaids earings)
The Fox Hill Inn (Ceremony & Reception)



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