Molly and Eric | Elegant Superhero Wedding At Tybee Island

Weddings are never the same.  That’s what makes them so amazing.  It’s always fascinating to see how each couple puts their own personal stamp on this ritual that humans have been observing for centuries.  For instance, weddings are usually about two people.  But not always.  Take Molly and Eric’s wedding at the beautiful Tybee Island Wedding Chapel, for example.  Their wedding had four main characters.  There’s Molly and Eric, of course.  And then there’s Cooper.  You met the three of them a few months back at Molly and Eric’s engagement session in downtown historic Savannah.  But the fourth character was a surprise guest… well, he was a surprise to me… probably not to Molly and Eric… ha ha.  The fourth main character in Molly and Eric’s wedding was Captain America.  I’m pretty sure he held the day together.  Another really neat special thing about their marriage is that Molly’s wedding ring is actually her great-grandmother’s wedding ring, and the day Molly and Eric chose to be married is the same day her great-grandparents were married.  It was a really great wedding.  Take a look…

And if you thought those wedding photos were fun, be sure to check out Molly and Eric’s wedding slideshow to see the rest of the awesome day.


And that, my dear internet stalkers, is how Captain America crashes a wedding.  It is also how Molly and Eric made their day exactly perfect, and had one heck of a party too.  Thank you so much Molly and Eric (and Cooper) for sharing your amazing day with me, and making me feel so special the whole time.  You guys are really amazing, and I can’t wait to see what awesome stuff you do next.


Molly and Eric’s Creative Team

Catering:  Creative Catering (
Flowers:  Garden on the Square (
DJ:  Dutch Dooley
Cake:  Baker’s Pride




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