Bethany and Jason | Ranch Wedding in Colorado

“No one is too small to help someone else.” (This quote is the motto of the Western State Mountain Rescue Team. Jason and I met when we were volunteering together on the team, so we thought this was appropriate.)

Hello all, and welcome home to me!  August has been one very insane month.  This August, I traveled to five states and shot over 10,000 digital images.  And there’s about a dozen rolls of film off at the lab right now too.  So you can see why I’m a little behind on blogging.  But today I’m going to start putting a dent in the blogging backlog.  Starting with this amazing couple.  This is Bethany and Jason.  And they are extraordinary.  True.  Story.  They are real life heroes.  Jason is a firefighter, and Bethany is a nurse.  And they also volunteer with the Western State Mountain Rescue Team.  They are the people who are quietly waiting behind the scenes to come save your bum when you fall off the mountain.  

And if you think those photos are neat, just check out the slide show.  These guys were having so much fun, they nearly collapsed the barn.

And that, internet friends, is how the sweetest couple on earth celebrates the happiest day on earth.  Thank you so much Bethany and Jason for choosing to have me be a part of your amazing day.  You guys totally rock.


Bethany and Jason’s Creative Team

The venue and catering – Waunita Hot Springs Ranch.
The wedding cake – Randi Pringle
Flowers – Rocky Mountain Rose 
The Bride and Bridesmaid Dresses – David’s Bridal
The Groom and Groomsmen Suits – Men’s Wearhouse
Hairstylist – Absolute Miracles Salon
Guest Transportation – Alpine Express
Officiant – Our good friend Patrick (Paddy) Erley!


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