Stuff I Learned In Colorado. With Pictures.

So it seems this blogging from 30,000 feet thing is starting to be a habit.  Don’t worry though, I’m in an airplane.  What’s really weird is that once I land tonight, I’ll be at home for 3 whole weeks.  Wow.  At least I’ll have a chance to get caught up on blogging.  Which is good, ’cause I owe you guys about a jillion photos.  And right now, we’re going to start with some cool photos and observations from Colorado.  So, just for you, in no particular order, here are sixteen things I learned in Colorado…

1. If you are at the rim of a canyon looking through a wide angle lens and you look behind you suddenly and then back at the canyon, you will get very dizzy.

2. If you wiggle just right, the Nalgene bottle full of water in the pocket of your backpack can sound like something growling.
3. Never just do what the guidebook says. Explore on your own.

4. Sunrises are overrated.
5. 4WD IS AWESOME (stay tuned and I’ll show you why later this week).
6. I’ve seriously got to learn to flyfish.

7. Look behind you. That’s where the best stuff is.
8. Voice to text doesn’t work if there’s no 3G.
9. Never pass a gas station. Just reminding you.
10. Mmmmmm…. water.  And lotion.  And more water.

11. If the sign says “falling rock”, take it seriously. Probably shouldn’t park the rental car next to the sign, either.
12. If you insist on driving around with the windows down, big googly-eyed bugs will fly into your car.
13. Don’t run over the cow poop with the car. Just don’t.
14. Maps are freakin’ awesome.
15. Never leave your coat at the hotel in Colorado. Even if the forecast is for 75 and sunny.
16. Wildlife photography may be the hardest kind of photography.  Or the animals just don’t like me much.  All I got was pictures of asses.

And that, my friends, is the story of my adventures in Colorado… well the parts that are interesting and SFW.  If you wanna hear the really funny stuff, you’re going to have to buy me a beer.






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