Newborn Baby Miller And Awesome Anniversary(s)

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Today is a very special day, and not just because I managed to pull off two blog posts in one day (that has more to do with eight long days of frantic storage management, actually… procrastination bad, m’kay?).  Today is special for three reasons.  The first reason today is special is because I get to introduce you to a brand new little man.  Meet Miller.  He’s just 13 days old in these photos, but he’s already the boss at his house.  Miller’s mom and dad are Melissa and Oliver, and they are the second reason today is special, because today is their 3 year anniversary.  So Happy Anniversary to Melissa and Oliver!  Woot!  And that brings me to the third reason today is special, because Melissa and Oliver’s wedding was officially the first wedding I photographed as a professional photographer.  So here’s to new beginnings and anniversaries and making awesome-sauce.lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-2lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-3lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-4lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-5lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-6lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-7lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-8lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-9lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-10lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-11lawrenceville georgia newborn baby pictures-12

Happy Anniversary Melissa and Oliver, and welcome to the world sweet Miller.


Amanda Summerlin



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