Stephanie and Sri | Engagement Photos in Decatur

Good day Internet!  Today I want to introduce you to a really fun couple.  This is Stephanie and Sri, and they are getting married next year (to each other and stuff).  Their wedding is gonna be pretty epic too.  They asked me to make their engagement photos in downtown Decatur, starting at an awesome restaurant called Chai Pani.  After sitting down together and munching on okra fries and paneer and beets (canyoubelieveIatebeetsonpurpose?!?), we started making photos.  First we played around in the restaurant, and then we explored a few blocks around the area.  Stephanie and Sri were relaxed and fun, and made everything so easy…  take a look.atlanta engagement pictures-1-2atlanta engagement pictures-1-3

So thank you Stephanie and Sri for being so mega-fun to hang out with, and for showing me my new favorite restaurant.  Y’all rock.  And thanks to Chai Pani for letting us hang out and rearrange furniture too.


Amanda Summerlin



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