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Today I’d like to introduce you to Marisa and Steve.  They were married on a rainy fall day in Maryland, just outside Baltimore.  But just because the weather was a bit dreary (actually, it’s a little known fact that many photographer lurve a nice overcast day for making portraits, but I digress), that did not stop Marisa and Steve’s wedding from being the Happiest Wedding I Have Ever Seen.  This is not an exaggeration.  Y’all know I go to weddings every now and then, but this wedding was something very special.  There was so much joy and love in the air, you could practically put a bow on it.  The enthusiasm of their family and friends was thrilling.  Maybe it’s because everyone was confined to an indoor celebration and there was nowhere for all the happiness and love to escape, so it was just all trapped inside.  But  I’m guessing that they are just awesome people.  Either way, it was definitely one of the most energetic and fun weddings I’ve ever been too.  Take a look.

black and white photo of bridebridal bouquet and bridesmaid bouquetlaughing groomrainy maryland wedding photosAnd that is the story of Marisa and Steve’s ridiculously fun wedding on a rainy fall day near Baltimore, Maryland.  I want to enthusiastically thank Marisa and Steve for having me be a part of their incredible celebration, and for being such good sports when I asked them to walk out into the rain for photos.  And I am also grateful to all of the wedding party, family, and friends for your kindness and hospitality.  You are all very amazing, and it was an honor to be a part of your special day.  Thank you.


Special Note:  You may have noticed that there is not a slide show today.  Not even a slideshow in disguise.  As professional working artists, it’s REALLY important to us that we respect copyright laws and that we legally license the rights to the music we use.  Aaaand, even though we have purchased the rights to every song we use, and added the magic slide at the end of the slideshow that’s supposed to protect everybody, the trolls under the bridge over at YouTube keep flagging us down and hollering that we aren’t using legal music.  Copyright infringement is a pretty big deal to us, and we want no part of it… not even the appearance of it is acceptable.  So until we can come up with a better method of sourcing our music that makes everybody happy, we’re putting the brakes on the slideshows for now.   🙁   Sorry everyone.  We think this sucks as much as you do.  So if you know of any up and coming artists who might like a little internet exposure on our blog in exchange for the rights to use their music in our slideshows, we’d love to hear from them.  Thanks, and Happy Halloween!


Amanda Summerlin

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