Decatur Square Maternity Photos | Christine and Dean

This gorgeous smiling couple is Christine and Dean.  They are expecting their first baby… oh any day now really.  Which is awesome, because they are the kind of people who you really want to have kids.  They’re all smart and funny and good looking and stuff.  We met up on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon at Decatur Square in um… Decatur, and had a blast just exploring the area finding cool spots to make photos.  As it turns out, they’re a pretty charmed couple.  Everywhere we went, there was awesome live music being performed… from the brass band on the square rocking out all the latest pop singles (even a version of Thrift Shop that was killer), to the string quartet in front of the courthouse (who weren’t really rocking out per se, but they were lovely).  See?  Smart.  Funny.  Good looking.  Charmed.  Who wouldn’t want them as parents?

Decatur Square maternity photos-4Decatur Square maternity photos-8Decatur Square maternity photos-9photo of couple at decatur courthouse


Amanda Summerlin



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