Holly and Bailey | Inman Park Engagement Photos

Today I’d like to introduce you to Holly and Bailey.  They are getting married next spring right here in Atlanta.  We met up one afternoon last weekend in historic Inman Park to walk around and make epic photos and get to know each other.  What I learned about them is that they are pretty darn bad ass.  Pardon my French and all, but it’s true.  You see, one of the little things that I’m always doing during a photo shoot is checking in with the people I’m shooting to make sure they are happy and comfy.  After walking around for a little while, realizing that Holly was wearing some pretty tall heels, I checked in with her to make sure she was doing ok.  Her response?  Oh, I usually wear much taller heels, these are like tennis shoes by comparison.  Now you know that she’s one tough lady.  And of course, that makes Bailey automatically pretty awesome, since awesome attracts more awesome.  It’s in one of those laws of physics or something, I’m sure of it.  Not only that, but Bailey also has the power of funny at his disposal.  He seems a little quiet at first, but then out of nowhere, he’ll say something that catches you completely off guard it’s so funny.  Plus, he does a mean Blue Steel.  Here’s a few photos from our afternoon…

And there you have it, internet ladies and gentlemen.  When two people with the powers of humor and super feisty come together, you get Holly and Bailey.  So thank you Holly and Bailey for choosing to have me be a part of your story.  I had a blast getting to know you guys, and I can’t wait for your wedding in the spring!




Amanda Summerlin

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