Jennifer and Ray and Evangeline | Christmas Photos At Roswell Square

Hello everyone.  And Happy Saturday.  I hope you’re having a relaxing morning hanging out in your PJs and sipping delicious coffee while you casually surf the internet and Facebook-stalk your friends and family.  (It’s ok, we won’t tell.)  Today we’re sharing a set of photos that really very neatly sums up why I not only love my job, but why I think what I do is actually kind of meaningful… not that I’m trying to get all sentimental or mushy on you.  It’s just that it’s really pretty darn neat to be invited to document important moments in a couple’s life and help create their family history with them…. which is what we’ve been doing with Jen and Ray for a little while now.  You first met Jen and Ray when we made some pretty amazing engagement photos at The Goat Farm with them last December.  A lot has happened in that time.  They got married and had an awesome party last April at their wedding at Heritage Sandy Springs.  Along the way to the wedding, there were a couple of near-death experiences, some great stories, some really good food, and a greater appreciation for the joys that life brings.  Of course, nothing really makes you appreciate the beauty of life more than a new person.  And that’s what we’re celebrating today.  Because Jennifer and Ray have added a new person to their family, and to the world.  Her name is Evangeline, and she has the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen.   We met up in Roswell Square to make some holiday photos, and then we headed to their house to make a few more photos that included the rest of the family, you know, the four-legged ones.  



Amanda Summerlin



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