Jo March and Jane Bennet | A Wintery Chicago Engagement

Today I want to introduce you to an extraordinary couple, a modern Jo March and Jane Bennet.  They are getting married next fall.  As you may have guessed from that first photo, we didn’t make these engagement photos in Atlanta.  Jo and Jane live in Chicago, and that’s a good thing, because they both agree that cold weather is their favorite.  So for their engagement photo session adventure, they planned an amazing day.  First, we explored along the shore line of Lake Michigan, which just happened to be the most amazing cerulean blue that morning.  And then, at precisely the moment when we all realized that we couldn’t feel our toes or noses anymore, we stopped by their favorite pub where we were served warm and delicious things, like the most amazing split pea soup in the universe (true story).  And then, because they are just awesome in every way, we went back to their cozy kitchen where the ladies grabbed their matching aprons and got busy baking.  They also took a few moments to tell us a little more about themselves, which is my favorite thing.  Here’s what they had to say…

How would you describe your relationship?

Ours is an egalitarian relationship of mutual love and support. We strive for what Rainer Maria Rilke described in his early 20th century Letters to a Young Poet as a “more human love.” This is the love that “will fulfill itself with infinite consideration and gentleness, and kindness and clarity in binding and releasing.” The love in which “two solitudes protect and border and greet each other.” We encourage and challenge one another personally and intellectually every day. We are grateful that in being together, we are stronger persons and partners. We relish that we each know more of the world because what one of us does not see the other does. For each other, we are braver in our giving, knowing, and reaching others.

What is your wedding going to be like?

Our wedding is going to be celebrated in our beautiful and beloved Episcopal church.  It will be a fall day full of joy and reverence, pie and cider, with our nearest and dearest gathered from across the country surrounding us with love.


And that, internet, is how to celebrate winter and snow and all the happy things.  Thank you ladies for the most funnest adventure in the snow ever.  I can’t wait for your wedding next fall.  It’s going to be an amazing day!  Happy holidays everyone!!




Amanda Summerlin



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