Callaway Gardens Engagement Photos | Katie and Matt

Today I want to introduce you to Katie and Matt.  Just a few days ago, we met up at beautiful historic Callaway Gardens in southwestern Georgia to make these super sweet engagement photos.  Katie and Matt may look all cute and cuddly in these photos, but don’t be fooled… these two are seriously tough cookies.  They met in the Air Force while they were stationed in Texas, and between you and me, that’s really all they could divulge.  Nah, just kidding.  I mean, I’m sure either of them know 74 ways to immobilize a person using only the eraser from a No. 2 pencil, but they don’t need to because they’re so much fun to be around and they win you over with their playfulness.  Also, (warning! geek-out commencing) that photo up top is a little bit unusual.  It’s created with a technique commonly called the Brenizer method, which is kind of a fancy way to say it’s one image made up of lots of photos.  This particular image is 37 photos combined into one.  That’s why it looks so soft and dreamy.  Kinda neat, huh?

callaway gardens engagement photos-19



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