Lawrenceville Family Photos In Tribble Mill Park | Pontiff Family

Today I want to introduce you to the Pontiff family.  You’ve sort of met them already, because just about one year ago, baby Peyton came over and made some super adorable newborn photos.  Just between us, the Pontiffs might be the coolest family I know.  Other than us, of course.  They definitely get the ‘people I’d like to have over for dinner’ award… and considering the comments Damon made about his grilling prowess, I’m thinking this could be a long term kind of thing.  For their family session, we met up early in the morning (sorry y’all) at Tribble Mill Park to take advantage of the cooler temps and nice morning light.  They came prepared with fantastic attitudes and a smash cake for Peyton.  Of course, we saved that for the end, but what an awesome ending to the morning.  Few things are as hilarious as a baby and a smash cake (that Heather made!!).  And if you think that cake is awesome, you should check out some of Heather’s other delicious creations at Sweet Treat Boutique.



Amanda Summerlin



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