Colorado Road Trip With 3Up Adventures | A Week With Beth And Sprocket

“Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between [wo]man and the universe” -Anatole France

Today I’m sitting in the Catskills of New York two weeks into an extended road trip, thinking about my last road trip in Colorado. There were storms here last night, and I’ve been sitting at the table in our little camper for the past few hours with the door open watching the river slowly recede as the rain water rushes down the mountain. The rocks have just begun to emerge again in the riffles, and the sound of the water has become more gentle as I’ve worked through this set of photos from Colorado and Utah. Today no watches or clocks have marked the passage of time, only nature and its rhythms. It seems odd but appropriate to sit here with a computer, working through this set of photos and remembering. 

There are so many things I could say about the Colorado trip with Beth. About exploring, the expansiveness of the southwest, chasing sunlight, the oddities of friendship, learning about yourself, peeing outside, sleeping in a rental car. But the photos tell the real story. The story of a week in the awesome life of Beth and Sprocket. And if you’re interested in the specifics of where we went, you should head over to Beth’s blog and read the official 3Up Adventures Summer Road Trip series.

Thanks Beth. You and Sprocket are definitely the best tour guides.

Amanda Summerlin

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