Moosehead Lake Wedding Photos | Rebecca and Artem

Today I’d like to tell you the story of Rebecca and Artem’s gorgeous summer wedding deep in the heart of Maine on Moosehead Lake at Rebecca’s family’s lakeside cabin. We met Rebecca and Artem a few months back when we made their engagement photos in Brooklyn. Their engagement session is solely responsible for my renewed obsession with Cook’s Illustrated magazine and a rather expensive cooking gadget shopping spree. But I digress. Rebecca and Artem met at work just over five years ago and bonded over work lunches, awkward company parties, and drinks after work. Artem says he knows Rebecca is perfect for him because, “I think about how happy I am whenever we spend any time together, and how I couldn’t imagine getting older without Rebecca.” And it’s obvious that they make each other happy. You can see it in their eyes the second they look at each other. And the joy that they have for each other was reflected in everyone around them on their wedding day. Even though it poured rain shortly after dinner started, there was no dampening the spirit of the party. And since it was Maine, the rain made it even more gorgeous. Also, be sure to look for some familiar faces in the photos of the guests here. You’ll know them when you see them. Haha. Congratulations Rebecca and Artem!

Rebecca and Artem’s Creative Team

Caterer: Northwoods Gourmet Girl 

DOC: Ali Perkins 

Rentals: Grand Rental Station  

Lighting Design: North Peak Event Design  

Amanda Summerlin

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