Cuyahoga Valley National Park Wedding | Jane and JJ

“I would go on choosing you. And you would go on choosing me. Over and over again.” — “I Like You”, by Sandol Stoddard Warburg

Today I want to tell you all about Jane and JJ’s super awesome-o wedding at Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Ohio. Our first adventure with Jane and JJ was a few months back when I flew up to Cleveland to spend the afternoon with them making engagement photos on the banks of Lake Erie. On that trip, I pretty much decided that Jane and JJ were people I needed to know forever. We talked about all the things, especially cats, and they told me how they met, and then Jane told me their trapped in an airport and that’s when she knew JJ was the one story, ‘We spent two days stuck in airports together thanks to bad weather. Not only did we not even fight once, but we actually kind of had a good time — just hanging out, playing some Pokemon Go, moving from gate to gate like wandering nomads to try to get a flight back to Cleveland. Then, at the end of all this, when I couldn’t miss another day of work and there were no flights left, JJ drove six hours in a snowstorm just to get me home, and let me sleep most of the way there. I knew this was somebody that I could have fun with even when times were lousy, and who was going to be there to have my back every step of the way.’

Being around Jane and JJ, and spending a day with their family and friends has been a highlight of my year. They are kind people with enormous hearts, and oh, how they all love to dance. Seriously, this was one of the best dance parties I’ve ever seen. And if Jane and JJ hadn’t already stolen my heart when I first visited them, this is the instruction they gave me on their wedding photography questionnaire when asked what the most important wedding photos were, “Utter silliness. In all its forms. You know we are silly people and that we want to have silly show up in our wedding album.”  Congratulations  to you, Jane and JJ. Here’s your utterly silly, yet insanely heartwarmingly beautiful wedding day.

Jane and JJ’s Creative Team

Dress: Catherine Deane, bought from Unbridaled Salon in Austin, tailoring by amazing Cleveland local Maestro Tailor, and veil by Sara Gabriel

Shoes: (flats) Rocket Dog, (heels) Paradox London

Hair: Michael Christopher Salon 

Makeup: Jane, with a mad shoutout to the Beachwood mall Sephora

Tuxes: Generation Tux 

Socks: The Tie Bar

Tie bars: Ox and Bull Trading Company

Catering: Totally Cooked 

Venue: Cuyahoga Falls National Park — Happy Days Lodge

Flowers: Beginnings Floral

DJ: Be Mine DJs

Officiant: Weezie Lauher, a friend of the bride — and now the groom too!

Amanda Summerlin

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