Smyrna Family Photos | Kenya and Teresa

Today is all about this amazing family. This is Chloe and Kenya and Teresa. Have you ever met someone who was so charismatic that you instantly felt magnetically drawn to them? Have you ever met three people like that at the same time? Because that’s exactly how these three women are, magnetic. Teresa and Kenya called me because Chloe is a rising senior and like many families caught up in the whirling vortex of having a teenager in the house, they realized that they hadn’t made family photos in a long while. One of the things that happens to so many of us in the chaos of daily family life is that we forget about the family photo. Schools make an annual documentation of our kids’ faces and send them home to us, but it’s just as important to make sure there are photos of us, the parents, for our kids to have later too. And making photos of the whole family together laughing and enjoying each other is a small thing that becomes infinitely more valuable with every passing year.

So that’s what we did, we made family photos. And we did it with so much laughter and fun and enthusiasm that I didn’t want to stop. But then we hiked down that hill at Sope Creek and we all realized we were wiped out and it was a billion degrees and getting hotter by the minute, so we had to finally call it a day. So much gratitude to Teresa for hiking back up the hill and rescuing us in her car. Thank you Kenya and Teresa and Chloe for an amazing adventure!

Amanda Summerlin



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