Seattle’s Most Amazing Future Parents | Rachel and Russ

Today I’m really excited to tell you about how two of my favorite people in the whole world are about to become three. One of the best things about my job, actually the very best thing about my job, is that I get to meet really amazing people. And out of all the people I’ve met, Rachel and Russ are right up there at the top of the list. I’ll always have fond memories of their wedding because not only did they stare deep into the face of tradition and boldly decide to have a brunch wedding with bacon and biscuits and square dancing and ice cream, but even more memorable to me was how beautiful their connection was in every moment and in every photo. And that connection is still just as amazing today. But more than that, they are both the kind of people I can sit and talk to for hours and hours about everything and nothing. They are kind and thoughtful and real, and I adore them. (Also, Russ got a Jeep and that elevated his cool factor exponentially.) For these reasons and many many more, I am beyond thrilled to see them become parents. Just look how beautiful they are. I can’t think of anyone who will be more wonderful as parents. Congratulations Rachel and Russ!

Amanda Summerlin



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