Atlanta Family Photos | Heidi and Michael

Today is all about Heidi and Michael, and growing your team and taking risks. One of the best things about making family photos is getting to check in with my amazing clients every year and learn about all their exciting changes. This past year brought the most exciting change of all for Heidi and Michael, a new baby boy! With a new little person and the potential of a cold snap like last year, we decided to do a new thing this year and make studio style photos indoors. Because I don’t have a studio space, they bravely volunteered their living room and cheerfully shoved all the furniture out of the way. After I set up all my lights and equipment, we proceeded to make this magic. Watching the girls grow up over the years has been a lot of fun, and this year they seem especially grown up. They even have a lot more patience with me now! So thanks y’all for everything you did to make these photos happen, and for putting on your smiles one more time.

Amanda Summerlin



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