Blue Ridge Parkway Engagement Photos | Jennifer and Tripp

Today I want to introduce you to Jennifer and Tripp, who are engaged to be married and asked me to go adventuring with them to make some engagement photos. Since that’s basically all the best things you can do with a camera in one trip, I jumped at the invitation. We met up in Asheville to grab some coffee on Wall Street where the gingko trees had just turned brilliant yellow. After playing around in Asheville for a little while, we hit the road and headed to the mountains to check out a gorgeous waterfall and then hike up to Craggy Pinnacle for sunset. Considering how bizarre the weather has been this fall in the south, we were very fortunate to have nearly perfect warm sunny weather for our adventure, with the only wrinkle in the whole day being a slight amount of ice on the trail to the summit at Craggy Pinnacle. Jennifer and Tripp were really good sports and changed their shoes so many times to make photos as we slogged (and maybe skated a little) up the trail. Near the top, as we entered a tunnel of trees that were wind-worn and right out of a fairy tale, the fading sunlight glowed through the branches so rich and warm that it was surreal. This sunset was one of the warmest and reddest I’ve seen in a while, and it was really fun to share such a fantastic adventure with Jennifer and Tripp. Congratulations you two! I hope your fingers have thawed out by now.

Amanda Summerlin



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