Boulder Colorado Wedding Portraits | Lisa and Tessa

Today I want to tell you the story of the first stop on my road trip west. It all begins back in March at the beginning of the pandemic. With news slowly developing worldwide, as countries and states enacted quarantines, just a few weeks before the big day, Lisa and Tessa made the hard decision to call off their wedding celebration that they had been planning for months. A short while later they were quietly officially married at a local historic courthouse. We stayed in touch the following months, hoping that the pandemic would give us a break so we could pull off something epic for them. At last the stars aligned, and my trip came together and worked with their schedule. We met up on a Monday afternoon on a mountaintop outside Boulder to make the first photos of them in their official wedding clothes. This year may not have happened the way any of us expected, but that hasn’t stopped us from making beautiful memories in one way or another. Congratulations to you Lisa and Tessa. You are perfect.

Amanda Summerlin



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