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Highlights Reel | 2020 Northwest Coast Road Trip

Some trip stats for the 2020 Northwest Coast Road Trip:

19 days
7456 miles
13 states
2 weddings
2 families with new babies
1 newlywed couple
1 engagement session
200 miles of off-road adventure with a friend
1 pound of coffee beans
1 quart of camp fuel
46 gloves
7 miles of hiking above 9000 feet
1 amazing night staring at the Milky Way in awe from an International Dark Sky location
2 National Parks
2 bucket list items checked off
1 night sleeping in a desert in a thunderstorm
1 night sleeping in a rain forest that was dry
Several days marveling at the elegance and drama of aspen trees
2 nights sleeping on a mountain
18 nights sleeping in my car
1 shower

Now that I’m home and all 5,666 photos have been uploaded to my system and backed up three times, it’s time to get started editing everything. But since I know some folks are kindly and patiently waiting to see something, I thought I’d put together a super fast highlights reel of the trip, with a photo from each portion of the trip.

Amanda Summerlin



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