Archimedes’ Nest at the Emu Ranch Surprise Proposal | Kayla and Molly

Today is all about surprises. Perfectly planned and executed surprises. A few weeks back, Kayla contacted me with a plan to propose to Molly. This was going to be a challenge, she warned me. Experience has shown that surprising Molly is next to impossible. So with the help of the kind owner of Archimedes’ Nest, Kayla came up with a cover story that sounded pretty darn good and we set a time and date. When I pulled up to the gate, I could hear the tropical birds singing loudly to the warm sun shining through the trees. The day was perfect. As I walked around the grounds, one of the emus decided I was interesting and posed for a few photos. Kayla and Molly appeared and stood on the dock, Molly not at all suspecting what was about to happen. I stepped back to give them some privacy and Kayla started speaking quietly to Molly. Although I couldn’t hear anything they were saying, there was no need to. Their faces and reactions said everything, as you can see in these photos.

Amanda Summerlin



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