Fall Sunflower Field Engagement Photos |Aly and Magnus

Today I’d like to introduce you to Aly and Magnus, who are getting married next year. Since they’re planning a winter wedding, they decided that fall engagement photos would be a fun contrast. Because Halloween is their favorite holiday, they went all out and brought along some of their favorite holiday decorations. We also had a great time exploring a local sunflower field, where they patiently humored me as I nostalgically made a couple of photos of some cockleburs I spotted. This entire session just explodes with gorgeous fall color, golden sunlight, and the quiet and tender love between Aly and Magnus will keep your heart warm as the nights get chilly. At least I hope it’s chilly wherever you are. Down here in Georgia, we’re still wearing shorts. Anyway, congratulations Aly and Magnus! I can’t wait to see y’all again on your wedding day!

Amanda Summerlin



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