Intimate Halloween Wedding In Atlanta | MC and Seema

Today I want to tell you about MC and Seema’s fun and elegant Halloween wedding and murder mystery dinner party. The day started as you might expect, with the bustle and excitement of everyone gathering and getting dressed. Then there was the emotional first look at a nearby park, followed by family photos and the short walk back to the house. Seema’s sister eloquently officiated their ceremony on the porch, attended in person by their closest family, with many more guests virtually attending. Afterwards, the cake was cut and cheers were cheered, and it’s here that we leave tradition behind. Everyone disappeared, then slowly they all began to filter back, transformed. Where once there were siblings and parents and nieces and nephews, there were dinosaurs and plague doctors. And all of the now costumed folks cheered when the guests of honor emerged as Morticia and Gomez Addams. With their new identities assumed, everyone sat down and proceeded to enjoy a rowdy and theatrical murder mystery dinner until it was time to send the newlyweds off into the night. Congratulations MC and Seema!

Amanda Summerlin



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