Gates Pass Sunrise Photos | Kristina and Carlos

The next stop on my cross-country reunion tour was Temperate Tucson. You know I’m totally lying. It was about eleventy billion degrees in Tucson. Which allowed me the opportunity to demonstrate the enormity of my eternal affection to Kristina and Carlos and Elizabeth and Joe (and Berks!) by meeting them at sunrise at the top of Gates Pass to make photos. I’d tell you what time that was, but it makes my tummy hurt to think about it. But besides the obvious perk of enjoying outdoor temps that weren’t three digits, I also got to spend the morning with some of my favorite people. Just look at how happy and beautiful they all are. Spending time with folks who like each other this much will make your heart grow three sizes every time. And the answer to the question ‘Can I make photos with my dog?’ is always always always ‘YES!’

Happy upcoming anniversary to Elizabeth and Joe!

PS. I’m still thinking about that amazing burrito. (pro travel tip #37, Carlos always knows where the best food is)

Amanda Summerlin



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