Los Angeles Engagement Photos | Katie and Kayci

While I was in Los Angeles, I headed out to Malibu to meet up with Katie and Kayci, who are engaged to be married next summer in the midwest. They wanted to tell the story of where and who they are now, so making engagement photos in their current hometown was the right way to do it. It also doesn’t hurt that their current hometown has the best beaches and sunsets out of anywhere.

One of the things I’ve been working on lately is making photos that bring more of the feeling of the moment into them. Anyone with a camera can make a photo of what someone looks like, but making a photo that captures the essence of how two people feel about each other is much more interesting. A couple has many dimensions and they make each other feel a rainbow of emotions. So that’s what we tried to show here with Katie and Kayci. There are funny moments and tender moments and passionate moments, and there’s even some goosebumps. There are also moments of awe. You can see when they look at each other that they are amazed at what they have together. That’s the magic of true love.

Thanks Katie and Kayci for a super fun afternoon. Getting to know you was a blast, and I can’t wait to see you again in the heartland for your wedding next year!

Amanda Summerlin



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