Atlanta Engagement Photos | Sarah Gresham and Hunter

Today I want to introduce you to Sarah Gresham and Hunter. They’re getting married next year, so they wanted to make some fun engagement photos around a few of their favorite places in the city. One of their first dates was to an Atlanta United game, and so we met up down at the stadium to document where it all began. Afterwards, we headed over to the West End to have some frozen whicksey drinks and take a walk on the Beltline in the golden light of the setting sun. The whole afternoon they kept each other (and me) laughing. They have the best energy together and it’s easy to see what a fantastic match they are. Because we were having so much fun discussing our mutual love of hound dogs, whiskey, and Zax sauce, I really hated to end the session. But eventually I had to let them escape the cameras.

Congratulations Sarah Gresham and Hunter!

Amanda Summerlin



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