Surprise Engagement At Alpaca House Atlanta | Ariana and Lauren

Today I want to tell you the story of how Ariana surprised Lauren with a marriage proposal at Atlanta’s Alpaca House, one of the most fun AirBnBs you’ll ever see. I mean, who can resist those fluffy little things? Ok, they’re not little. But they’re fluffy. Anyway, Ariana had been planning this for months y’all and somehow managed to keep Lauren completely in the dark. So when I showed up to ‘make marketing photos’ for the AirBnb, Lauren thought it was weird but was a good sport and went along with it. Then Ariana came out with the card and the ring. After the shock wore off (and Lauren said yes), we made a few cool photos in the bamboo forest and then fed the alpacas, who can smell a carrot about a mile away.

Congratulations Ariana and Lauren!!

Amanda Summerlin



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