Krog Street Atlanta Engagement Photos | Christina and John

Today I want to introduce you to Christina and John. They’re getting married next year and so we got together one afternoon recently at Krog Street Market and wandered around and played a little. One of the neatest things about Christina and John is how much fun they have together. They have the best time doing everything and they do it with the best attitude. Before we met up, I cautioned them that we’d likely run into an afternoon thunderstorm and Christina was like, yep, that’s how we do things. And sure enough, a giant storm came roaring through and we barely made it under shelter without getting completely soaked. Luckily we were able to escape into a pub and secure some delicious beers, which might explain some of the more experimental photos I got with them. Mostly though, it’s because they’re a really amazing couple who are always up for an adventure and that really comes through in everything they do together. In fact, their sense of adventure combined with my boundary pushing… uh, I mean, spirit of exploration… is totally how we ended up lucking into a fantastic view of the sunset.

Thanks Christina and John for a super fun afternoon. And for the beers. And for being totally amazing in every way. I can’t wait to see you again in a few months at your wedding!

Amanda Summerlin



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