Boston Engagement Photos | Autumn and Gabby

Today I’d like to introduce you to Autumn and Gabby, and Pickles, who is my new best dog friend. Team Pickles picked me up at the Boston airport one perfect fall morning last month and we spend the afternoon visiting all their favorite spots around the city. One of my favorite qualities in a human is a spirit of adventure, and Autumn and Gabby definitely love an adventure. In fact, it’s kind of their thing. They told me that there have been times when they left the house in the morning to get an espresso and ended up in another state exploring and visiting breweries. They even met on an adventure. A mutual friend invited them on a booze cruise, and as soon as Autumn saw Gabby, she said, “I’m going to marry her.” And here they are. They have an epic wedding weekend planned next year, and I cannot wait to go. Not just because Pickles will be there. But also because Pickles will be there.

Congratulations Autumn and Gabby! And thanks for an outstanding day spent exploring your Boston.

Amanda Summerlin



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