Atlanta Graduation Photos | Brittany Is A Doctor

Today we celebrate Brittany. I first met Brittany at the gym. She was a single mom, but she’d just started dating a pretty cool guy. (They got married a little while later, and you can see their Norcross wedding photos here.) She has been working toward this degree for a long time. It’s not easy being an adult student. You make a lot of sacrifices. A lot of sacrifices. You study while you help your kid do her homework. You study while you make dinner. You study while you brush your teeth. You just keep studying. You keep your eye on the prize. And after what seems like an eternity, that day finally comes. And when it does, you celebrate the hell out of it and you savor that sweet sweet victory. Congratulations Brittany! You did it. May the sweet victories keep coming.

Amanda Summerlin



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