Seattle Super Gay Lucky Day | Cindy and Kobie

Today I want to tell you a story about two people who are very important to me. This is the story of Cindy and Kobie’s perfect lucky day. Cindy and I have been friends for a long time now. I do not know how long because I am bad at understanding time. But knowing Cindy from the Before Kobie years, and then watching my amazing friend cautiously embrace the idea of this new person as their relationship developed has been one of the most joyful highlights of the past few years.

After hearing about Kobie for a little while and waving at each other over Zoom meetings with Cindy, I finally got a chance to meet them not long after the two of them had moved to Seattle. Within a few minutes, it was incredibly clear that this was a person who was really freaking awesome, and even more importantly, they really deeply cared about my friend in a deeply thoughtful and loving way. And yet, still possesses the sense of humor of a twelve year old. It doesn’t get more perfect than that, my friends.

Watching them grow together and go on adventures exploring their new home has been a bright point of joy in a world that has been a little wild and grumpy lately. So when they asked me if I would come to their wedding and make a few photos, I was thrilled and honored. Spending the afternoon with them at the beach bathed in Seattle sunshine, witnessing them enter a new chapter in their story together with their eyes shining with love, was easily one of the most perfect days of the year.

Congratulations Cindy and Kobie! Thank you for being the most amazing.

Amanda Summerlin



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