Great Falls Park Engagement Photos | Caitlin and Wendy

Today I want to introduce you to Caitlin and Wendy. They’re engaged to be married and wanted to celebrate this amazing time in their lives by making some photos. My favorite question to get from anyone who wants to make photos with me is, ‘Can we make some photos with our pets too?’. For me, that’s an instant yes, always. And so we started off with a few fun photos of the fur babies in their finest bandanas. I think they look very stylish and sporty.

After a quick change of clothes for the humans, we headed up the trail to explore a little. Really quickly I noticed how Caitlin and Wendy light up when they are together. Their energy was super fun and energizing to be around, and we had a blast wandering along the canyon finding spots of light to play and rocks for them to climb on. It was so much fun to make photos with them that only darkness could make me stop, and I did make them stand around until dark to use up every last drop of the pretty sunset.

Congratulations Caitlin and Wendy! Thanks for letting me tell a little piece of your story, and for humoring me with all my weird requests.

Amanda Summerlin



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