Moose Meadow Lodge Vermont Wedding Photos | Courtney and Heather

Today I want to tell you the story of how Courtney and Heather were married at Moose Meadow Lodge And Treehouse in Duxbury, Vermont on a perfect summer afternoon.

But first, I want to tell you how awesome they are. When you visit my website and want to contact me about making photos of your wedding, there’s a form to fill out and one of the questions was ‘Which wedding are you drawn to?’. Their answer was, ‘The gay ones!’ And that’s how I knew I would do anything I possibly could to convince them to let me make photos of them.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of awesome. There’s a lot more about them that is really wonderful. They love hiking and reading and all the best nerdy things. And they love each other in a way that is so inspiring and beautiful to be near that not one person who gave a toast at their wedding could talk about them without tearing up.

Plus, they cut their wedding cake with a sword, which is the coolest.

Congratulations Courtney and Heather! You are perfect together.

Courtney and Heather’s Creative Team

Venue & Officiant: Moose Meadow Lodge & Greg Trulson
Caterer: Trail Break Taps + Tacos Belle Moulton
Cake: The Cakery Vermont
Videographer: Align Film

Amanda Summerlin



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