Atlanta Fernbank Museum Wedding Photos | Melissa and Charlie

A bride and groom pose on the stairs underneath the giant dinosaur skeleton in the atrium at Fern Bank science center

Today I want to tell you all about how Melissa married Charlie in an elegant Jurassic Park themed celebration at Fernbank Museum of Natural History on a hot summer afternoon in Atlanta. Melissa and Charlie’s favorite movie series is Jurassic Park, and Fernbank is one of the neatest places in Atlanta to have a wedding, so you can imagine how perfectly everything came together. There really isn’t a more dramatic place to have dinner than seated beneath a towering Argentinosaurus fossil in the Great Hall’s Mesozoic exhibit. After a gorgeous and moving ceremony in the atrium, everyone moved downstairs for dinner and dancing. And they ended the day with the most appropriate Jurassic Park send off in a thunderstorm. It was really a perfect day. Congratulations Melissa and Charlie!

Amanda Summerlin



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