Seattle Elopement Wedding Photos | Denise and Kimberlee

Today I want to share photos from my trip to Seattle to spend the day with Denise and Kimberlee to make wedding portraits for their elopement. We started the day with them getting ready together. It’s always so intimate and special when a couple helps each other get dressed for their wedding. Soon after they were dressed, the limo arrived and we headed off to a couple of their favorite spots on the water to create new memories. One of my favorite things about spending time with Denise and Kim is how much they make each other laugh. They are grounded and connected in the way that only people who have put in the time to truly get to know each other are, and their pure and deep joy for each other is contagious. After the sun had set on a perfectly spent Seattle afternoon, we hopped back in the limo and hit the drive-thru, as one should. Congratulations Denise and Kimberlee!

Amanda Summerlin



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